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Our Team: Breanne Garcia McClellan – LMT

Breanne Garcia McClellan
Breanne Garcia McClellan – LMT

Breanne Garcia McClellan has been interested in natural healing since she was a little girl growing up in the North Valley of Albuquerque, NM. Being surrounded by her Grandmother’s traditional remedies she learned the value of “Hands On” care. After meeting her husband and doing research on treatments for her Mother-In-Law’s Multiple Sclerosis she learned the benefits of massage therapy for those with chronic illness. A few years later when Breanne was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she learned firsthand how beneficial massage therapy can be for a body experiencing chronic pain and illness. She knew then that she wanted to provide the same experience for others who, like her, were living with chronic pain, illness, and those who simply wanted to improve their overall health.

She attended and completed the 750-hour Medical Massage Program at Pima Medical Institute. Never one to forget her roots, Breanne has also continued to honor the ancestral healing methods taught to her first by her grandparents and continued through her apprenticeship with Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin under Maestra Cuahtli Cihautl, being honored with the Aztec name of Xochitzli. She was honored, when in early 2019; her Maestra tasked her with becoming both a teacher and a mentor within their community. She hopes to fulfill this duty with respect, honor, and care.

Breanne is a passionate believer that massage is for everybody and should be an integral part of any wellness and healthcare program. Massage is not a luxury, it is medicine. She has spent her entire career providing medical and therapeutic massage, starting first in a chiropractic office before moving to her own practice where she continues to accept medical insurance, work with injury prevention/rehab, and pain management. Breanne provides medical and therapeutic massage, sports massage, pre-/post-natal massage, infant/pediatric massage, and massage for chronic conditions. She is a firm believer that massage is not one size fits all and tailors each session to the individual, their chief complaint, and their body.

Breanne joined AMTA as a graduate member upon completing massage school. She loves the support and camaraderie a local chapter offers. She has been serving the NM Chapter for 6 years first as Membership Committee Chair, then 3rd Vice President, and now President. A curious person by nature being an AMTA member has given Breanne the opportunity to expand her massage skills and knowledge through Continuing Education courses provided at local and national conventions. She has also been given the chance to grow in her understanding of medical research, specifically massage research, which has helped her to build an evidence-based practice. By filling her tool box with not only massage modalities but clinical knowledge Breanne has been able to effectively work with other healthcare providers to integrate massage into her client’s overall treatment plans.

Outside of her busy massage practice and AMTA NM Chapter duties, Breanne is a busy Baseball Mom to a wonderful 14-year-old son. She served as the program coordinator for his baseball program until December 2019, when her son made the decision to join another team and program. She happily enjoys being a spectator now and looks forward to watching him play in High School. She shares parenting duties her amazing and supportive husband. When they aren’t at a sporting event watching their son, they may be enjoying one together as a family. They can otherwise be found watching the latest movie or nerding out at a museum, zoo, or aquarium.