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Our Team: Joyce Gilbert – LMT, Founder

Joyce Gilbert – LMT, Founder

Joyce Gilbert is native to New Mexico and is part of the culture and history.

Aside from being the Co-Founder, Joyce has had a 34 year career in Massage Therapy while contributing much to the advancement and development in this field.

She developed a two year academic degree program in Medical and Rehabilitative Massage, worked with an accreditation team for national accreditation of Massage Schools. Joyce continues to create awareness in the community on the positive impact that Rehabilitation Massage Therapy can have on someone who is suffering from painful conditions due to physical trauma.

Along with her NM state license in Massage Therapy, she is a NM license Massage Therapy Instructor, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Masters in Public Health and a Doctoral Certification from the Institute of Meta-Psychology.

Her specialty training and practice has been in Musculoskeletal Trigger Point Pain Relief, Pain Management Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Posture, Acture and Gaiting protocols and evaluations using standard Orthopedic and Physical Therapy tests and measurements to establish a baseline for rehabilitation in trauma based injuries.

Joyce achieves a high degree of success in relieving pain resulting from trauma, not only due to her extensive knowledge and many years as a skilled practitioner in this specialized field; but her ultra sensitivity and compassion towards persons who have lived through trauma. She has a unique way of listening to how you feel, and quickly leading you through a rehabilitative journey back to a healthier and happier you!